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About Us

We, at TMB Industry Sàrl, based in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg in the Sarr-Lor-Lux triangle, have specialised in industrial moves for 22 years.
We manage and handle every aspect of your move, whether internal or external and international, from the beginning to complete re-installation.

Be it for one machine or for a whole factory, from dismantling, transport and re-assembly of machines to all the side-works such as fittings, levelling, electricity, piping and even piercing walls to create a passageway, TMB Industry Sàrl can carry out all the works involved in a re-implementation project.

TMB Industry Sàrl's strength lies in our all-round efficiency based on: know-how, flexible working hours and the means that we use are our "trumps":
- Detailed and personalised study covering every aspectof your move.
- Careful planning of the realisation.
- Our professional, well-lead teams, work with maximum flexibility to adjust to your production requirements.
- Our exceptional technical means.

With TMB Industry Sàrl, moving is no longer a load: It's a "challenge you've met".